Monday, August 18, 2014

Foliage Plants -Foliage Follow Up- August 2014

Pam at Digging has a monthly meme about foliage. I wanted to share my last two acquisitions that fit the meme.  This Golden Dwarf Hinoki Cypress. It absolutely gleems in the sun. 
I have it situated with red, blue pink and white foliage plants.
The other aquisition is this Emeral Spreader Yew 'Monloo'. I know yews are a bit out of vogue but this one has the tiniest little leaves. It doesn't get too big and I fell in love with that deep green color. It will bring a sense of calm as it...
 sits at the south end of this line of various colors of foliage. I think it will bring a calm to the situation. 
What sort of foliage plants do you have in your garden?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Belatedly Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - August 2014

 I am running way behind in my posting as usual. This month I thought I would show the blooms of flowers that are attracting some fine insects. Insects and birds are some of the many reasons why I garden. 
The pink and white phlox both have butterfly visitors
This yellow and orange Gallardia 'Oranges and Lemons' is a new introduction to my garden this summer. It appears to be mostly Lemons in color but it does attract the wildlife. 
One of my old faithfuls Periscaria 'Dragons Tongue' offers this delicate white bloom that the bumbles like. Plus these blooms last a long time in a bouquet. 
Of course the Butterfly bush lives up to it's name with butterflies swarming around. This plant died back to just a couple of tall stalks this winter. I thought the entire bush was a gonner but is snapped out of it. Right behind the butterfly bush is Vanilla Strawberry hydrangea. The buttterflies and bees usually check it out too as they float around the garden. 
Butterflies aren't the only lepridoptra that live in our garden. While I am not out a lot at night to see the moths in the garden it is obvious that the Milkweed Tussock Moths have been here since there are several of their caterpillars on the Butterfly weed. 
Oh, and did I mention birds?
I enjoy watching the American Goldfinches eating seed from the sunflowers that are drying up. 
The House Sparrows have quite the condo built at the top of the Holly Tree. At the foot of the holly you can see Pink Phlox, Black eyed Susans and a Snowball bush blooming. For August things are looking pretty good here. We have has some rain. Still behind a little in totals for the month but really, I am not complaining because the temps have been mild for August and there has been enough rain I don't have to drag around the hose daily.
For more blooms from around the world you can hop over to Carol's May Dreams Blog many more gardens to peruse. Carol started this meme years ago to keep track of blooms in her garden. We all like to join her now. See you there...

My Bloom List:
Gallardia 'Oranges & Lemons'
 Chalk Fingers Senecio Talinodes Mandris 'Blue'
Autumn Clematis
Pink and white Phlox
Black-eyed Susan
Joe Pie Weed 
Butterfly bush
Butterfly Weed
Russian Sage
Purple coneflower
Sea Oats
Snowball bush
NikkoBlue hydrangea
Strawberry Vanilla Hydrangea
Lime Light Hydrangea
Elegant Hydrangea
Lucifer Crocosmia
Perscaria 'Dragon Tongue'
Carpet Rose
Purple Palace and Carmel Heuchera
Crepe Myrtle
Black and Blue Salvia
Cardinal Vine