Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Groundhog Day Gardening Thoughts

Last month I did my ritual start of my garden journal. I often start my journal with a quote, drawing, some kind of inspiration for the garden. This year it was stamps and the word that FB gave me in one of those quizzes that you fill out for fun. Future was the word that came up for me. I thought that was appropriate since I retired the end of January and I have a 'no routine' future to look forward to. I usually end up with a few pages at the end of my garden journal that are empty. This year I hope to be busy enough to have all sorts of projects and observations to record here so I can fill it to the end pages. I have kept the same type of journal since 1996. So this will be quite the quest.
A couple of weeks ago when the snow began melting my mind started swirling with ideas.  I have plenty of fodder for my new journal.
The past couple of days have been nice winter days. Any day during winter when the temperatures are in the upper 40s or 50s I just have to get out and do something in the garden.  I did some trimming of some shrubs, cut back the perennials along the west walk. It looks better along that area of the garden. It really needed cutting back because you couldn't walk through that part of the walk without bushing up against half rotten stems. EEEwwwww. Even the meter reader will appreciate this effort.
The future of my garden is also in flux. I have so many ideas I want to try. I want to revamp almost every bed in my garden. I am torn as to which way I should turn. I want more conifers in the garden, more native plants, more edibles. I can't resist many of the flowers of the summer season too. Needless to say I will have a lot to do besides the regular maintenance.
As I open the gate and look back through the garden you can see a shot of green here and there. Other than the Hemlock and yew most of that green wouldn't be visible at this time of year but what with the warmer temperatures at the end of last month and the beginning of this month the early greens are popping out of the ground.
Green and brown is about it at this time of year, however the snowdrops are flouncing about in the wind. They don't need much encouragement.  They are so cheerful even though they are bashful with their flowers and are always glancing down.
Diane Jelena is starting some blooms but they are so low to the ground that you have to be flexible to get down there to catch a glimpse of them. I am tempted to cut off those stems and bring them inside. (Thank you Brenda for reminding me that this is Diane instead of Jelena.)
Annie and I hope you are able to get out in the garden some this winter. She must oversee anything that goes on in the garden of course.  Do you have any garden thoughts to share with us at this time?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Birds & Haiku

The prompts for Ronovan's Haiku this week are Trill and Final. When I think of trills my mind goes directly to birds. Of course if you knew me you would know it doesn't take much to make my mind go to the birds. 
I also want to link to Rebecca's Haiku My Heart. Her site has a regular following and I have read the haiku for several years although I don't often participate. Thank you Rebecca for inviting me.

I figure you all are as anxious as I am to hear the spring/summer chorus of nature. Hang in there it won't be as long as it has been. The days are getting longer.
My Dearly Beloved took these pictures and I appreciate that he has the patience to do so and shares with me and now you. Please don't use these pictures for anything without asking permission.